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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation allows both parties to identify, negotiate and resolve the issues necessary to reach a fair and equitable resolution. The mediator provides a foundation of information, but does not provide express legal advice to either party. The mediator establishes firm ground rules while creating and maintaining a comfortable professional environment. A mediator often helps formulate more creative solutions than the parties may discover on their own. 

For cases involving minor children, we frequently include an experienced mental health professional to assist the parents in finding a custody and parenting plan that best suits their post-divorce family - with a special emphasis on the child(ren)'s best interest(s).

For most, but not all cases, we include a neutral financial expert to prepare the required financial disclosures as well as to assist in valuing and detailing the marital estate. The valuation also includes, when relevant, tax considerations relative to the division of different types of assets.

Importantly, our team approach saves our clients money while providing them with guidance from professionals with specific education and experience tailored to the issues requiring resolution.

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A family law divorce Mediator is a neutral third party specially trained to help couples with dispute resolution. In general, the Mediator can be a divorce lawyer, or not be a licensed attorney at all. A divorce Mediator should be fully trained in general and divorce Mediation. Each of the Mediators on our team are experienced, licensed attorneys and have been 


our team has financial experts in the field of divorce mediation

A financial neutral is a financial expert who has significant experience dealing with the financial and tax implications of decisions made during a divorce.  Financial neutrals have significant training in the divorce process and hold various professional designations.  A financial neutral is impartial and is not an advocate for either party in a divorce.

Mental Health Considerations

Our team has mental health professionals on staff that specialize in the strains of divorce

Mental health professionals (MHP) perform several roles as part of the Mediation or Collaborative divorce team.  Mental health professionals are neutrals.  This means they work for the benefit and well-being of the entire team which allows for the best possible resolution. Mental health professionals are primarily used in the Collaborative process. 

Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement. In divorce mediation, you and your spouse—or, in some cases, the two of you and your respective lawyers—hire a neutral third party, called a mediator, to meet with you in an effort to discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce.


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We have formed a team of talented attorneys and category-specific mediation professionals with years of proven results. We offer services throughout Connecticut and have offices in Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties. With years and years of experience and thousands of logged mediation hours, we are uniquely qualified to help you with your needs.


The Connecticut Divorce MediationTeam is a team of skilled mediation attorneys, financial services professionals, and mental health experts. Our ultimate goal is to help you successfully transition to the next stage of your life by covering all components of mediation.

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The most important criteria when searching for the right mediation team is to find a firm committed to a holistic approach and a track record of proven experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mediation

When it comes to issues surrounding; marriage, divorce, and mediation, we know there are many questions. We have created a list of some questions we received and have provided answers to them. We will continue to add on to the list as we receive questions we find beneficial.

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